Trusted Solar is a different kind of solar company. Our solar consultants have years of experience in renewable energy. Our installation partners are vetted with the highest standards in the industry.  We work for our clients, not for an individual renewable energy corporation. Our company values and cutting edge technology enables us to deliver a competitively priced, solar solution with tailored financing that fits the needs our clients. Our process insures that our clients have the best combination of product quality, certified installers and affordable pricing. We offer a full compliment of solar options for residential, commercial/industrial and non-profit clients.

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Trusted Solar provides homeowners with the assurance that they will receive an professional site assessment, presentation and system pricing. Our residential solar representatives have years of solar experience and 1,000’s of installations. We provide homeowners a complete understanding of solar pv technology, incentives and financing options.


Trusted Solar provides commercial clients with a dedicated, experienced solar consultant that assists the client with financing options, system design, installation and project monitoring. Our unique approach enables our clients to leverage our technology to reduce the arduous task of evaluating the benefits of a solar energy system for their facility.


Trusted Solar works with industrial clients to help provide them with larger sized solar pv systems combined with energy storage solutions to reduce energy cost by offsetting grid production and with demand charge reduction. Financing solutions range from capital & operating leases to PPA’s.