Add to Your Business’s Bottom Line by Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Solar systems have been around since the early 1950’s when Bell Labs made the first photocoltaic cell. The energy conversion rate of that first cell was six percent. By today’s standards, hardly worth the effort. With the advancements in solar energy to the sophisticated systems in use today, perhaps it’s time to explore the benefits of using solar systems in your business.

Because of the tremendous progress in building and utilizing solar power, more and more business owners want to use this form of green energy. Be sure to do your homework first before converting, but you’ll be pleased when you realize the potential cost savings of using solar panels. The average cost per kw/h of heating with solar energy is generally figured by cost of the system divided by kilowatt hour of use. Of course, that depends on how much you paid and how much you use, but an industry average is approximately $0.10/kwh vs an average fossil fuel energy cost of $0.27/kwh. One of the benefits of using solar systems in your business is once your system is paid for, your cost is virtually nothing but the equipment and time required for upkeep and maintenance.

A concern of many is what happens when there is no sun? Advances in battery technology enable the electricity accumulated when the sun was shining to be stored in batteries. You also have the option of selling unused electricity back to the power company – another perk for your business’s bottom line.

Maintenance of a solar system is quite easy. The only thing you might need to do is to spray the panels from time to time so they stay debris and dust free. With proper care, quality panels should last up to 30 years. With so many benefits of using solar systems in your business, it might be time to look for a qualified, well-established solar system firm to help you move forward in choosing the system that’s right for your needs and budget.