Are your windows looking drab and outdated? Looking to improve your home’s insulation or increase natural light flow? With our expert window services, Boston Exteriors can deliver you the results that will take your façade up a notch – making your home the most spectacular on the block.

Upgrading Your Windows

While at first glance, your windows are essentially portals from the inside of your home to the outside, allowing for a steady stream of light, they also serve a number of other vital purposes. They must firstly provide necessary protection – from both harsh weather such as extreme wind, rain and snow, as well as from intruders into the home. Security and function must be of the utmost importance when selecting a window. At the same time, theyprovide your family with an emergency escape route, should the doors be blocked and allow for much-needed airflow within the residence.

As well, a window should provide insulation so that airflow is reduced or non-existent during extreme conditions such as very cold winters or very hot summers. This will help to improve the energy efficiency of the dwelling. With a careful selection, you can also greatly enhance your home's aesthetic appeal.

Our Window Services

At Boston Exteriors, we’ve partnered with the top window manufacturers in the industry to deliver our customers not only superior services, but excellent products as well. These include trusted companies such as Diamond Windows, Pella and Harvey. This also includes a variety of window materials such as wood or vinyl. When it comes to your home’s windows, our expert team has the skills, knowledge and experience to handle all types of issues that may arise. This includes:

  • Installing new windows
  • Repairing and replacing existing windows
  • Sanding, stripping or painting
  • Modifications in the home’s structure to accommodate a new window
  • And more!

Want to know more about our window services?

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