Solar Panel Maintenance in the Fall

If you have solar panels, you should know that there are specific things that you should do each season to prepare your panels for the weather conditions that lay ahead. Although they generally require very little upkeep, there are still some small things you should do when the seasons change. What does solar panel maintenance in the fall consist of? Consider taking these small extra steps to make sure your solar panels last as long as possible.

Inspections are absolutely necessary to ensure you solar panels are properly cared for. These inspections should occur at least twice a year, with one of them taking place before winter hits. Look for dirt and debris that may collect on the panels. Also, look for any tree branches or other plant material that should be cleared away. Branches can crack and fall on your panels, leaving them broken and possibly irreparably damaged. 

During your fall solar panel maintenance routine, you should also perform a general cleaning. This is a simple but very important procedure. Using a garden hose, wash the face of the panels until they are clean of all dirt and debris. This should only be done during early morning or evening hours. It is vital that you never wash the windows with cold water, since the combination of cold water and hot glass can cause your panels to crack. 

In some cases, your panels may not be easily accessible. If you become uneasy about safety issues while cleaning your panels, it may be beneficial for you to seek the services of a professional solar panel maintenance company. These workers are trained in dealing with panels every day, and know how to care for them properly. Hiring their services can allow you to rest assured that your solar panels will work at high efficiency and will be cared for properly, all while you focus on other things.