Looking to Save on Energy Costs? Replace Your Windows

When you think of the windows in your home, you probably think of them as features that let in the light and offer pleasing views. While these are both true, your windows also play a critical role in your utility bill and in energy conservation. With the right style of window, and with the best materials, you can put a dent in your monthly budget, all while maintaining the aesthetic beauty you want with your window replacement.


If you have a new home, it probably has a double-paned window; older homes, however, often went with single-paned windows. If you have the single-paned variety, you should switch, as double-paned offers much better efficiency. The double panes will trap escaping air, preventing heat or cooling loss. This will help regulate your home’s temperature and prevent you from having to run the air conditioner or heater all day long. Some double-paned windows are filled with gas, which offers a better energy savings. 

Wood Frame

When you need to choose a frame type for your window replacement, wood is a fantastic option. Not only does wood boast a rustic look that will go well with just about any type of home, but it’s also energy efficient. Wood is a terrific insulator to keep your home’s interior temperature well regulated. Be wary of using wood frames, however, if you live in a humid climate or in a place that gets a lot of precipitation. 

Vinyl Frame

This material also insulates well, and it provides a level of durability you want in window frames. A vinyl frame matches well with bay windows, double-hung windows or single-hung windows. You can also change the colors to match your preferences. 

It’s important to choose the right style of window and window frame for your next window replacement. A good option will save you money in energy costs, and it will look great on your home and inside as well.