Is your home in need of a new roof? This is a great option to improve insulation, reducing intense heat gains and losses due to extreme temperatures. As well, a new roof adds value to the home, should you decide in the future and can be the perfect upgrade to appearance when carefully selected to complement the style of your home.

The importance of a great roof

First and foremost, your home’s roof should keep you and your family safe, protected and dry from all precipitation, wind and other extreme weather. When selecting a new roof, you want to ensure both durable, sturdy materials as well as expert, professional installation services. In addition, while your roof must stand up the elements, it should also add aesthetic value to the home. Typically, New England homes are well suited for sloped roofs, but it’s also possible to have a flat one as well.

Our common roof styles and services

At Boston Exteriors, we work with the top names in the industry including Certainteed, GAF MasterElite and Gold Pledge to deliver not only superior materials, but also excellent services and results. In addition to complete installation of new roofs, we also offer the option for maintenance as well as repair and placement of an existing roof. Common roof styles include:


INSPIRE SLATE Inspire Roofing Products will protect your most valuable asset while adding authenticity, beauty, and quality that will remain a lifetime. From our carefully engineered designs to our 100% virgin resin material, our synthetic slate and synthetic shake roofing systems will perform even under the most extreme weather conditions. Our team of trusted advisors takes pride in ensuring complete satisfaction for all our property owners, suppliers, and installers..


Architectural Shingle In contrast to a three-tab shingle, the architectural shingle roof is comprised of thicker individual shingles that may be in various shapes and sizes. This roof style is becoming popular among homeowners today, especially due to certain benefits including durability and aesthetic appeal. Architectural shingles are often made from materials such as composite slate or cedar – taking on the appearance of the natural materials without the weight and high maintenance requirement.

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