Fascia boards can be the bulwark that saves your home’s timbers if you know how to use them. Many older buildings are still sporting their original tinder trim and structural pieces, but wood doesn’t last forever, especially when it’s exposed to the elements. One way to protect your home’s most vital structural components is through the use of fascia products made from materials that prevent water from penetrating and don’t break down as they age. That’s why PVC flat boards might just be the best investment you’ll make without totally remodeling any part of your house.

Severe Weather and Flat Board Protection

One of the biggest reasons for water damage around the roof and eaves of the upper story of many homes is the loss of protective and ornamental pieces due to extreme weather. Sometimes, it’s the fascia boards, sometimes it’s the gutters and drain pipes, but any damage to the environmental protection your home sports will provide a way for the home’s more integral and central parts to be exposed. Calling a professional for new flat boards after loss from a storm can help protect you from the next one, and from smaller weather events in between.

Play It Safe and Call a Professional

There are a lot of DIY projects you can do to improve your skill, but when it comes to protection from the elements and putting the finishing touches on your home’s appearance, there are a lot of good reasons to call professionals.

  • Work above ground level is dangerous and they are trained experts
  • No risk of having to re-do work or having a timeline that leaves your home exposed to the elements
  • Advice about upgrades and related repairs
  • Ask questions about other exterior improvements and get combined quotes all at once

Your home is an investment in your family and your future. When it comes to upgrading your fascia to PVC flat boards, trust the professionals to deliver the quality of work that will protect your investment, and then sit back and watch them upgrade you step by step toward your dream home.