Porches Are the New Decks

In years past, deck construction has allowed people to extend the living space of their home to the outdoors. Decks have provided a place where people can gather together to enjoy the outdoors privately or with invited guests. In recent years, this trend has shifted from a deck in the back yard to a porch in the front yard.

There are various reasons that people are beginning to prefer a porch in the front yard. For one thing, it is in a more public place of the home. This allows for chance meetings with neighbors and other people who live nearby. There are primarily two types of families that benefit from these meetings.

The first is a family with young kids. Having a porch allows children to play outside while parents comfortably supervise. Since the parents are already outside, it allows them to meet other parents who are also outdoors with their kids. They can then become acquainted and feel more comfortable with their children playing together in the front yard and possibly having future playdates. 

The second is older couples that have downsized to a new neighborhood. A porch gives these couples an excuse and a way to comfortably spend time in the front yard. Spending time outside gives them more opportunity to meet and become acquainted with others who live in the area.

Another reason that a porch is becoming preferable is that it provides more protection than a deck. Typically, deck construction does not include any shade covering. Thus, the deck is difficult to use in hot weather or when it is raining. On the other hand, a porch does have a covering and can easily be used year-round.

Porch and deck construction does vary depending on the region. In areas where real estate is more expensive, both a porch and a deck are less likely to be constructed. However, both can be a lovely addition to any home.