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Remodeling a Historical Home


If you’ve been considering doing a little historical remodeling there are a few things you may want to consider. First of all, is the exterior and foundation of the home in good condition? Are you remodeling for function or preservation? Do you have contacts who will be able to help you achieve your end goal?


While it may be tempting to start immediately on some of the fun remodeling like kitchens and bathrooms, it is essential to make sure the exterior is weather tight and secure. Start by checking the roof, windows, doors, masonry, and foundation wall. While this may seem tedious, and not nearly as fun as some of the other projects you have in mind, ensuring that your home is weather tight will prevent further damage and rot from occurring.


Next, you need to determine the purpose of your historical remodeling. Are you remodeling to make the home more functional for your family or to preserve the historical style and design of the home? If your desire is to preserve the history behind the home, are you prepared to give up some of the conveniences of modern living? For example, wavy glass is a trademark of an old home. Unfortunately, this means they will probably be drafty. Are you willing to live in a drafty home to preserve the wavy glass?


Finally, do you have contacts who will be able to help you achieve your end goal? While it is nice to find a contractor who is willing to work for at a reduced rate, if you want a quality restoration, that contractor may not be the best option. Finding a contractor who has worked on historical homes and can show you some of their work will be your best bet in getting the results you are looking for.


Historical remodeling can be very fulfilling as well as a lot of fun. Taking your time and seeking knowledgeable professionals can help ensure a more positive experience.