If not understanding how solar panels work to produce energy has kept you from installing them, wait no more! It’s is as simple as one-two-three. In no time, you’ll be ready for your first solar panel installation.

Simply put, solar panels convert the sun’s heat into electricity that is then stored. When light strikes a solar cell, it causes a disruption in the organization of the semi-conductor at the atomic level. With an attached electrical converter, a current is produced that can then be stored. There are options regarding the size, shape and material that forms your solar cells. The better panels do an excellent job of squeezing and storing every useable drop of the sun’s energy all day long. A solid copper foundation has also proven to provide more reliable strength to your panels and ultra-pure silicon delivers the most reliable conversion from solar energy to electricity.

Your panels should be engineered and tested to withstand harsh weather. That includes strong winds, hail, wide swings in temperature in a single day and humidity. With a well-certified system and proper solar panel installation, you can count on 40+ years from your system.

Once you have selected your solar panels, placing them on your roof or in your yard is not just a random choice. Your solar company can determine the best location that will deliver the highest amount of solar energy and the number of panels needed. Installation generally takes only a couple of days.

After installation, the system begins to work immediately. A meter will track the amount of energy produced, used, and stored. Energy not used is put back into the local electrical company’s power grid in the form of credits. These are used at night, or during other times when there is not enough sunshine to produce power. You can always check on how much energy your panels are producing using an online monitoring system.

That’s all there is to it – selection, installation and monitoring. To get your solar panel installation arranged, contact a reputable dealer today!