The cost of rain gutters can vary as much as the weather they help protect your home from. But what factors cause the price difference? You would think they would be pretty standard across the board but there is more to the expense of gutter replacement than meets the eye. That is why it is important for you to understand the differences before you make a seemingly insignificant, but very important, investment in your home.

Factors That Affect the Price of Rain Gutters

•The type of gutter you purchase can make a big difference. You will find you can choose from plastic for between $3 to $5 for a linear foot, all the way up to the king of the rain gutter world, copper at upwards of $20 per foot, with wood, aluminum and galvanized steel spanning the price gap.

•The style of your roof can make a huge difference in the cost of gutter replacement as well. If you have a one-story ranch style home, the long straight lines make for a straightforward job to produce and hang gutters. On the other hand if your roof is pitched with a couple of levels and maybe several dormers, the production and labor costs will increase incrementally.

Extras such as heat tape to prevent freezing in winter months, downspout screens to keep leaves or other debris from creating a clog, or the popular rain chains will also add to the cost, albeit they do add a decorative touch to a mundane necessity. If you are contracting for a clean-out service or the contractor has to remove and dispose of the old materials before proceeding with your job, that is going to cost more as well.

In short, your gutter replacement could be in the economical range for a simple roofline using plastic gutter or a substantial price range for a large, multi-angled roof with copper gutters. Hiring home exterior professionals that know what they are doing can save you a good deal of time and grief, and keep you from throwing your money down the “gutter”.