An older home can be a charming piece of history. Whether your family has lived in a home for generations or you’ve just purchased an older home, your siding may need some maintenance. Keep up your curb appeal and renovate the exterior of your home by choosing a professional contractor for a premium siding replacement project.

Replace or Cover?

Depending on your current siding situation, you may have a few options when it comes to upgrading your siding. Older homes typically use either aluminum or wood siding. Each of these has its pros and cons but typically age faster than vinyl siding. As wood siding ages, it can crack and allow water to enter your home and damage other areas, such as insulation, drywall and framing.

Have a professional contractor inspect your current siding to determine whether you need to tear off your old siding or simply add new vinyl siding on top of your existing material. Either way, vinyl will give you a waterproof seal and durable exterior for years to come.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Unlike wood and aluminum, which require routine maintenance, vinyl is a low-maintenance siding replacement solution. The durable material can still come in a variety of colors and textures, but isn’t prone to rotting, chipping or corroding like other materials.

Choose a vinyl siding option that compliments your roof color and fits in your street. While bold colors are certainly memorable, consider how your home will look next to your neighbors. If your entire street is particularly muted, consider a siding color that fits the same tone and palette to ensure a pleasing look.

Choose a Professional Remodeling Service

A professional exterior remodeling contractor will provide you with a worthwhile investment. Choose an expert for your siding replacement project in order to ensure the widest selection of siding options, a durable, waterproof exterior and an efficient workforce that will have your siding replaced in no time.