Increasingly, homeowners are using solar panels to power their homes. The gaining popularity of solar panels has left many wondering if solar installation requires the skills and expertise of a trained professional. Today’s solar panels are complex and consulting with a professional solar installer is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your solar project.

Traditional Solar Panel Options: Retrofitted and Integrated

Traditionally, the solar market has offered homeowners to options for installing solar panels: retrofitted and integrated. When solar panels are retrofitted, they are an external component that is fitted to an existing roof. Conversely, integrated solar panels are incorporated into the roof of a home.

Integrated solar panels are a more popular option because they are more appealing and blend in with the roof of a home. Additionally, they are less likely to be affected by the elements.  Retrofitted panels are big and bulky; however, they are very simple to put together.

Solar Panels Today

The problem with traditional solar panels is that, even with integrated panels, everyone can see them on your roof. This can be  a huge drawback for people considering gong solar.  In response to this dilemma solar cell manufacturers have created sophisticated roof shingles that have solar cells built into them. These shingles look almost identical to the normal shingles you would see on a roof. Using this mechanism, solar installers can transform your whole roof into one big solar panel.

Consulting With a Trained Professional

Solar shingles are way more complex to wire than traditional solar panels. Traditional solar panels come wired together, whereas solar shingles have to be configured in an electrical array. Solar singles have to be fitted for your roof and wired together before they can be installed. This more complex procedure requires the expertise of a trained solar installer.

Going solar is a great way to bring down your energy bill while helping the planet. If you are considering solar installation, you should consult with a qualified solar installer.