Window Replacement: Why Choose Energy-Efficient Options?

Anyone who needs window replacement is going to hear a lot about energy-efficient windows. At first, this may be confusing, because of course, most windows don’t use a lot of energy, so how can they save people energy? This is a totally reasonable question, and it leads to an answer that can help a lot of people save money that they would have spent on their energy bill.

How Do Windows Save Energy?

While the windows themselves aren’t using or directly affecting energy costs, what they do affect is the temperature in a home or building. In summer, a lot of heat can come in through even a closed window as the sun shines down. In the winter, most people will notice that the area next to a window is noticeably colder. This is because the heat is able to transfer more easily through these relatively thin panes of glass.

Energy-efficient windows either have a special coating or may be double paned, or both, which helps trap heat and energy from the sun without interfering with the light that travels through. Getting a window replacement with these windows can mean that less heat enters the house during the summer, and less leaves in the winter. This can mean lower energy costs for the air conditioning and heating units.

Does It Really Affect that Much?

In many places, especially those with more extreme climates that have either harsh summers or winters, getting energy-efficient window replacement can save people hundreds of dollars a year, or more. If this doesn’t sound like a lot, imagine those savings adding up over the years that those windows will be in place. They should pay for themselves in no time.

What Now?

Window replacement typically takes less than a day because professionals come and switch out the windows for you. Note that it may be better to switch during the summer, but that is a personal choice.