Liquid Applied Roofing

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Boston Exterior Remodeling and Thermal Coatings of New England are now the exclusive New England source of the most modern roofing product on the market: Polyroof. Polyroof are the leading manufacturer of liquid flat roof systems. For nearly forty years, their liquid waterproofing membranes have been applied to commercial and residential properties. Whatever your flat roofing project needs, Polyroof has you covered. The innovative liquid roofing systems can be used for a wide range of projects, whether you need a new roof, a refurbishment, or a thermal upgrade.

Why Choose our Cold-Applied Liquid Roofing System?

No matter the size, shape or complexity of a roof, Polyroof’s liquid systems will form a seamless waterproof membrane across the entire roof area. The finished surface is tough, flexible and impervious to water.

  • Tough and flexible membrane – can be used on any size, shape or complexity of roof.
  • RapidCure technology for fast, disruption-free installations.
  • Applied to a wide range of surfaces including existing roof coverings.
  • No joints, no seams, no welds - no weak points.
  • Tough, impact resistant finish that can easily accommodate foot traffic (anti-slip recommended on highly trafficked areas).
  • Key accreditations including BBA, FM, UKTA and ETA.
  • Can achieve classification of BROOF(t4), the top rating achievable for a flat roof system

With proven lifespans in excess of 25 years, Polyroof’s liquid roofing systems are the number one choice for all flat roof applications.